Arne Clausen Collection Trends - Tablewares by Lucie Kaas

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The iconic Lotus pattern was originally designed in 1965 by Norwegian Arne Clausen (1923-1977). Through the Trends collection, the Lotus pattern has moved into a new direction combining modern color pallet with tone in tone shades.

Arne Clausen

Colour Options:
• Black
• White
• Dark Red (Lotus Bowls only)
• Nude (Lotus Bowls only)
• Petroleum Blue (Lotus Bowls only)
• Red (Lotus Bowls only)

Model and Sizes Options:
• Cup 0.25 L
• Bowl Ø12cm
• Bowl Ø15cm
• Bowl Ø18cm
• Bowl Ø21cm
• Bowl Ø24cm
• Deep Plate Ø18cm
• Plate Ø21cm
• Plate Ø28cm