Beekman Bird Feeder by SHIFT (Made in USA)

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Design Connor White, SHIFTSPACE Studio

Raise the roof with this deceptively simple bird feeder in the form of a house. Military grade USA-made Nylon Paracord and Walnut dowel included. Your yard'll be the talk of the flock.

This modern birdhouse has an open floor plan. Its modern Gable roof, black walnut dowel that runs all the way through (providing plenty of indoor and outdoor seating), and enough space to entertain and feed the local birds all Summer long — is entirely suspended by a USA made nylon cord and designed to last a lifetime.

There are no fasteners needed — just bring the roof to the base and thread the cord through to secure. This timeless hanging birdfeeder adds play to your architecture, complimenting either modern or traditional homes with ease.

Powder Coated Aluminum, Walnut Wood Dowel

12"w x 11"d x 8"h / 4 lbs