Exto Surge 720 Protected Smart Chip USB by Conway Electric (Made in USA)

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Extō Surge Protected Smart Chip USB
The First Smart Chip Surge Protected Power Station
• Smart Chip USB senses device & sends fastest charge possible; USB 3.0 compatible
• 6 outlets + 2 USB for 8 devices total
• Patented internal tamper resistant gates help prevent shock
• Green LED indicator light for power-on & surge-protected status
• 15 AMP Resettable circuit breaker for overcurrent protection
• Recessed industrial toggle switch helps prevent accidental
power on/o
• 6ft Industrial Grade Cord rated to 15AMPs
• Cast aluminum and stainless steel housing
• Multiple patents granted & pending
• Exceeds UL’s test requirements for power strips
The Extō Surge USB is designed to be the most versatile power strip ever made. It’s the first surge-
protected, tamper resistant power strip we know of that includes dual Smart USB ports and a
15AMP resettable circuit breaker. The cast aluminum and stainless steel housing stays where you
place it on four synthetic feet, and has mounting holes in each corner for semi-permanent or fixed
installation (which also helps prevent theft). The cord beneath the braiding is engineered to be highly
flexible so it can move independently of the housing. From plug to outlet, the Extō is made of
industrial materials refined with attractive finishes and is ready for anything from oce to hotel room