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Moooi Candlestick / Menorah Bold Series

Moooi Candlestick / Menorah Bold Series

$46.00 CAD

The Bold series developed from my fascination with laser cutting technology. With the use of a laser, you can cut a form or pattern in sheet metal with extreme accuracy. This technology allows you to handle the sheet very efficiently with very little wastage.


  • Roderick Vos, 2005


  • Powder coated steel, felt feet


Big Bold

  • Height: 122 cm, 48in
  • Width: 97 cm, 38.2in
  • Length: 42 cm, 16.5in

Menorah Bold

  • Height: 46 cm, 18.1in
  • Width: 78 cm, 30.7in
  • Length: 26 cm, 10.2in

Little Bold

  • Height: 46 cm, 18.1in
  • Width: 58 cm, 22.8in
  • Length: 26 cm, 10.2in


  • Candles are to be ordered seperately
  • The intelligent technique used to give the Bold it's 3rd dimension can be seen here. (The spire is sharp and must be handled with care.)
  • Most good household cleaning prodcut can be used on this prodcut in conjunction with a soft cloth or sponge. Avoid using abrasive cleaning applicators.