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Nordic Bonbonniere by Stelton

Nordic Bonbonniere by Stelton

$83.00 CAD

Designed by Nordentoft & Secher Kau

Stelton is pleased to introduce the launch of a new icon in the making—The Stelton Christmas Collection. Woven hearts, endearing angels, elegant cornets and decorative balls are all deconstructed and reconfigured to form Stelton’s first Christmas collection. Ever since Hans Christian Andersen introduced the first woven Christmas heart in the 1850's, people have been inspired to invent their own patterns and colour combinations. We have captured the essence of this classic design concept and have given it a contemporary twist. Curved ribbons in a brushed brass look are shaped into hearts, angels, cornets and balls that exude a studding soft glow on any Christmas tree, table or window. Setting a cosy, elegant atmosphere for inviting the Christmas spirit inside.

Diameter: 11 cm 
Height: 6 cm