Clairtone Project G Stereo - Vintage 1966

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The Clairtone Project G stereo was produced by Clairtone from 1964-67. Costing 2000$ new (approximately the equivalent of $20,000 today) the high price kept it from becoming a huge success. Despite it sounding and looking incredible, fewer than 400 Project G's were made. It was promoted by Frank Sinatra, Hugh Hefner, Oscar Peterson and other celebrities and found a niche within Hollywood and other trendsetters popping up on the sets of such movies as The Graduate, The Party and Zabriskie Point. Clairtone's co-founder, Peter Munk once quipped that, "The prime minister had one and if the local truck driver didn't have one, he wanted one."

It has gone on to become a Canadian design icon and has been featured in several books as well as a 6 month show at the Design Exchange in Toronto in 2008.

This stereo has been completely restored by the premiere restorer of Clairtone products in Montreal in 2021. It's immaculate. It comes equipped with bluetooth capability. Everything works. It's museum quality and 1 of only 55 or so left in the world. Email us for more information or if you have any questions.