Design Letters

DESIGN LETTERS is a Danish Design Company founded in 2009. Before we were born, it was impossible to get anything but multi-coloured letters for the kids room. DESIGN LETTERS were the first to revolutionize this product category with a radically different and one-coloured typography, which in the most beautiful way highlights names, words, or quotes on the wall in the personal home. Since the beginning in 2009 we have expanded our collection with other design items. Latest by launching a series of products with a typography designed by the world renowned Danish architect Arne Jacobsen. It is our goal to keep surprising design lovers with novel and beautiful products. Currently, DESIGN LETTERS is represented in more than 600 shops in twenty five countries.

Personal Porcelain Cup (A-Z) by Design Letters
from $13.00 CAD
Personal Melamine Cup (A-Z) by Design Letters
$18.00 CAD
Melamine Plates & Bowls by Design Letters
from $18.00 CAD
Sippy  Drink Lid for Melamine Cup by Design Letters
$14.00 CAD
Design Letters by Design Letters & Friends (CLEAROUT)
$3.00 CAD
Wooden Lid by Design Letters
from $14.00 CAD
Personal Porcelain Plate (A-Z) by Design Letters
from $49.00 CAD
Personal Water Bottle (A-Z) by Design Letters
$33.00 CAD