The Modern Shop - Gingko

Gingko is a design-led, technology-centred and people driven company. The company was founded in Oxford, England in 2011 by Paul Sun and his wife Natalie Sun with the objective of creating high-end, yet stylish and practical products for home and design-led gifts.

Cube Click Clock by Gingko
$48.00 CAD
Brick Click Clock by Gingko
$90.00 CAD
Flip Click Clock by Gingko
$70.00 CAD
Edge Light Alarm Clock by Gingko
$70.00 CAD
Mi Square Pocket Speaker by Gingko
$80.00 CAD
Halo One Speaker by Gingko
$240.00 CAD
The R Space Lamp by Gingko
$150.00 CAD