Tivoli Block Candles by Normann Copenhagen

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Lights are a big part of the Tivoli Gardens’ identity – and the collection wouldn’t be complete without a series of candles. Tivoli’s many towers and their different forms inspired the shapes of the three block candles, formed like a Dome, a Phare and a Column, hence the names.

The block candles are made of 100% paraffin with a color choice of classic White, soft Antique Celadon and Parterre Brown.

Bring the Tivoli feeling home with design objects by Normann Copenhagen.

Candles: 100 % Paraffin
Block Candle Tray: Brass-Plated Steel

White, Antique Celadon, Parterre Brown

Block Candle Column, H: 23 x Ø: 7 cm
Block Candle Dome, H: 14 x Ø: 7 cm
Block Candle Phare, H: 20 x Ø: 7 cm
Block Candle Tray, H: 1.25 x Ø: 8 cm