Il Kilometre by Karakter

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Colombo’s multi-purpose shelving system. Inspired by a field trip to Scandinavia in the 1960's, Italian designer Joe Colombo chose wood and aluminum for Il Kilometre. He designed a never ending set of rails and a wide variety of modules, creating an almost endless array of possible combinations.

Shelving system

Joe Colombo, 1961

Il Kilometre is a range of modules that float on the wall on discreet wood/aluminum wall-mounted rails. It is also possible to mount the modules directly onto the wall.

Wood, aluminum

Finish Options:
• Black oiled ash veneer
• White oiled ash veneer

Il Kilometre Module Options:
• Module 70 x 70 - 2 doors, w/ shelf
• Module 70 x 70 - w/ shelf
• Module 40 x 30 - w/ 2 drawers 
• Module 40 x 30
• Module 40 x 10 - w/ drawer
• Module 40 x 10

Il Kilometre Rail System Options:
Optional. The Il Kilometre Rail is fixed to the wall, allowing multiple modules to be mounted side by side - and to be easily reorganized. Each Il Kilometre module will need a Rail Mount to fit onto the Rail.
• Rail 140cm
• Rail Mount 70 (for 70cm wide modules)
• Rail Mount 40 (for 40cm wide modules)

Il Kilometre Wall Mount Options:
Optional, but required if you don't use the Il Kilometre Rail System. Use the Wall Mount to fix your Il Kilometre modules to the wall.
• Wall Mount 70 (for 70cm wide modules)
• Wall Mount 40 (for 40cm wide modules)

Modules 70 x 70: W70cm (27-1/2"), H70cm (27-1/2"), D32cm (12-3/8")
Modules 40 x 30: W40cm (15-3/4"), H30cm (12-5/8"), D32cm (12-3/8")
Modules 40 x 10: W40cm (15-3/4"), H10cm (4"), D32cm (12-3/8")
Rail 140cm: W140cm (55-1/8"), H10cm (4")
Rail Mount 70: W70cm (27-1/2"), H10cm (4")
Rail Mount 40: W40cm (15-3/4"), H10cm (4")
Wall Mount 70: W64cm (25-1/4")
Wall Mount 40: W34cm (13-1/2")