The Modern Shop - Metalmobil

The Metalmobil collections are created in conjunction with prominent designers with a global reputation and brilliant design experts, capable of intelligently interpreting market trends and sensitivities. Metalmobil’s interior design studio, R&D department and solid experience of industrial processes enable it to create products that are constantly evolving, enhancing its range of products and offers.

Uni 562 Dining Chair (Contract - Minimum 5pcs)
$496.00 CAD
Uni-Ka 599 Wood Leg Armchair by Metal Mobil (Contract min pcs)
$582.00 CAD
Uni-Ka 594 Armchair by Metal Mobil (Outdoor/Indoor Contract)
$397.00 CAD
Uni 550 Side Chair by Metal Mobil (Contract Minimum order 5 pieces)
$313.00 CAD
Uni 386 Wood Barstool by Metal Mobil
$666.00 CAD