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AA Desk Office by Woud Denmark

AA Desk Office by Woud Denmark

$3,595.00 CAD

AA Desk, designed by Danish design studio Spant Studio.

AA Desk rethinks the classic work desk in a beautiful way by combining today’s digital workflow with clean original lines. AA Desk allows you to keep your work environment nice and tidy by making it less a hassle to deal with power and cords.

Lighting is an incorporated element in AA Desk. Instead of having to place a lamp in a corner, AA Desk offers homogenous and even lighting for the entire work area. The power saving LED light is incorporated into the wooden beam connecting the two iconic AA frames.

The product is sold without power strip.

152 x 75 x 152 cm

Top: Black linoleum.

Legs: Soap treated oak. :
Top beam: Solid black
painted wood with integrated
LED light.