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About A Chair AAC12 Front Fabric by Hay Denmark

About A Chair AAC12 Front Fabric by Hay Denmark

$585.00 CAD

Design by Hee Welling and HAY

Seat: Solid-coloured polypropylene with optional Front Upholstery, 10 mm foam
Wood Base: Soap treated or lacquered solid oak or stained black oak 
Dimensions: W 51 x D 50,5 x H 46/78,5

Base options:

  • Soap treated solid oak
  • Lacquered oak
  • Stained black oak

Seat color options: 

  • White 
  • Black 
  • Grey 
  • Mustard 
  • Coral red 
  • Blue

      Front Upholstery options:
      All upholstery provided and done by Kvadrat. Leather provided and done by Camo.
      Swatches can be viewed online through the links provided below. (We are not able to send physical swatches but they can be seen on the showroom floor)
      • Steelcut                http://kvadrat.dk/collection/filter/typ/upholstery/nme/2965/view/medium
      • Steelcut Trio        http://kvadrat.dk/collection/filter/typ/upholstery/nme/2223/view/medium
      • Remix                  http://kvadrat.dk/collection/filter/typ/upholstery/nme/2968/view/medium
      • Surface by HAY
      • Divina MD           http://kvadrat.dk/collection/filter/typ/upholstery/nme/1219/view/medium
      • Divina Melange  http://kvadrat.dk/collection/filter/typ/upholstery/nme/1213/view/medium
      • Hallingdal              http://kvadrat.dk/collection/filter/typ/upholstery/nme/1000/view/medium
      • Compound        http://kvadrat.dk/collection/filter/typ/upholstery/nme/466196/view/medium
      • Canvas             http://kvadrat.dk/collection/filter/typ/upholstery/nme/1221/view/medium
      • Coda                http://kvadrat.dk/collection/filter/typ/upholstery/nme/1005/view/medium
      • Sierra Leather http://www.ca-mo.com/eng/Leather/?nav=l&id=6&tid=40
      **Please contact us for your order

      *Felt gliders can be ordered separately

        *See kvadrat.dk or ca-mo.com for more information.