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Alba Vase by Design House Stockholm

Alba Vase by Design House Stockholm

$133.00 CAD

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The boundary between an art object and something for domestic use is not always obvious and in Anna Kraitz’s products it is often almost totally eradicated. Belts are a recurring detail in her designs, together with plaits and buttons: “Together they form a symbol of me myself, a sort of self-portrait. But I also use the belt as a symbol for gathering together and defining the shapeless and rapidly changing world that we live in at the moment.” The ‘Alba’ vase is based on a larger model that Anna produced for an exhibition: a porcelain vase with a vaguely human form with its waist tied in by a leather belt. A detail that suffices to transform an everyday object into something personal and unique. Alba will be available in white or celadon porcelain.

Vase in porcelain: dishwasher safe. Leather belt with metal buckle: do not wash.

Size: Ø 14 cm, H 24 cm (Ø 5.5", H 10")