Bat Dining Chair - Un-Upholstered, Plastic Base, Outdoor by Gubi

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The plastic editions of two of GUBI’s most popular dining chairs, the Beetle and the Bat, have been reimagined for outdoor use.

Reexamining their materials, aesthetics and function has led to the addition of an outdoor treatment, opening up new possibilities and making the chairs perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. Special additives in the molded polypropylene shell help to prevent the color from fading due to weather damage, making two already versatile chairs even more dynamic.

Bat Dining Chair took its inspiration from nature too – its distinctive silhouette reflects the webbed wings of a bat. To bring that idea to life in three dimensions, the chair’s oval circumference, when seen from above, has been deliberately designed as one continuous line. This harmony characterizes the form in a very particular way, meaning that the chair’s organic shape and gentle curves embrace the user in generous comfort rivalled only by the Beetle Dining Chair.

Material:  Plastic (UV protected)

Dimensions: 51 x 61 x 83 cm, seating height 45 cm

Colours: New Beige and Alabaster White