BEAN Ice coffee maker 12 cup, 1.5 l, 51 oz

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The BEAN SET Iced Coffee Maker Set utilizes the classic French Press brew method to make delicious, flavorful iced coffee. To use, place coarse ground coffee beans in the carafe and add cold water. Place the BEAN SET French Press in the fridge overnight with the silicone lid to seal in flavor and aroma. In the morning, swap out the lid, press down the plunger, and enjoy.
• The BEAN SET comes with two lids: one for the fridge overnight, and one with a plunger to press down the coffee grounds in the morning
• Made of plastic, silicone and stainless steel
• Dishwasher safe

H: 22 cm x W: 19 cm x D: 12 cm

Stainless steel, plastic, rubber and silicone.

Colour Options:
Blue Moon

Note: All of our coffee and tea makers are measured in European cup sizes: 1 Cup = about 4oz