Beetle Dining Chair - Un-Upholstered, Plastic Base, Outdoor by Gubi

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The plastic editions of two of GUBI’s most popular dining chairs, the Beetle and the Bat, have been reimagined for outdoor use.

Reexamining their materials, aesthetics and function has led to the addition of an outdoor treatment, opening up new possibilities and making the chairs perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. Special additives in the molded polypropylene shell help to prevent the color from fading due to weather damage, making two already versatile chairs even more dynamic.

Referencing the ingenious construction of insect shells, the Beetle Dining Chair has become one of GUBI’s most iconic designs and a global success story within less than a decade. Its durable outer is designed to gently flex in response to the body’s micromovements, echoing the complex movements a beetle can make while keeping its parts rigid and defined. This intelligent flexibility provides unparalleled comfort in this typology, even after prolonged sitting periods.

Material:  Plastic (UV protected)

Dimensions: 58 x 56 x 87 cm, seating height 45 cm

Colours: New Beige and Alabaster White