Bereber Canvas Rug by Lorena Canals

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The Bereber Canvas washable rug is the latest addition to the collection! This 100% washable rug can be machine-washed (6 kg capacity for 120x160 cm, 7 kg for 140x200 cm and 8 kg for 170x240 cm) On a re-cycled dye-free cotton base it takes on the role of a canvas into which several black and natural colored lines are woven and arranged in ethnically-inspired shapes and borders. As there are just a few woven lines, most of the base is visible and takes up much less space, making it possible to create a larger size that fits into a washing machine. The ends are topped off with fringes. Due to its elegant color combination, this model easily fits in with stylishly decorated and refined ambiences, aiming at visual lightness and warmth, whether it is the living room, dining room, bedroom, terrace or kids' room. Hand-crafted, with natural dyes and 100% cotton. Discover the entire Morocco collection.

Composition: 100% natural cotton
Elaboration: handmade
Colors: natural and black
Design: Natural base classic bereber design with washed canvas base and on top lines and rhombs pattern in natural and black yarn. Double row of fringes in natural colour at edges.
Size: 170 x 240 cm, 140 x 200 cm and 120 x 160 cm
Weight: 4,80 Kg, 3,25 Kg and 2,25 Kg