Bistro Electric Water Kettle with Temperature Control by Bodum

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Especially tea drinkers will appreciate the new BISTRO kettle with temperature controller and keep warm function, because different types of tea often need different amounts of hot water. For instance, green tea is not prepared with boiling water but, depending on the variety, with water at between 60 and 90 degrees Celsius. The temperature selection can be changed to a higher temperature at any time during the heating process by simply setting the temperature knob to the desired number of degrees.

 Double wall water kettle with temperature controller and warming function.
– Five temperature settings perfect for different kinds of teas: 60°C/140°F, 70°C/158°F, 80°C/176°F, 90°C/194°F and boiling. Temperature is adjustable by a rotary switch.
– The inner glass wall is made of borosilicate glass, the outer one of transparent plastic. It protects the glass, insulates, and keeps you from burning your fingers.
– Better insulation performance means that the water boils faster and stays hot for a longer time than in conventional kettles.
– Keep warm for up to 30 minutes.
– Removable jug and large opening for an easy filling.
– The water only comes in contact with glass – the process is therefore BPA-free.
– Mesh-screened spout captures chalk while pouring.
– The transparent container makes it easier to control the water level. The scale line indicates liters, ounces and cups.
 Manual On/Off switch plus temperature sensor for automatic shut off and added safety.

How it Works
Pressing the On/Off switch starts the heating process. The switch will flash until the selected water temperature has been reached or the water is boiling. Then it stops and an acoustic signal sounds. The unit is equipped with a keep warm function that keeps the water warm for 30 minutes. All you have to do is press and hold the warm button that lasts until the 30 minutes have passed. Press the button again, or remove the cordless jug from the separate flat heating base.

Aço inoxidável, plástico, vidro borosilicato, silicone, metal.

– W 25.1 x H 25.1 x D 13.3 cm
– 1.1 l, 37 oz