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Brown Bear & Brown Bear XL by Mr. Maria

Brown Bear & Brown Bear XL by Mr. Maria

$288.00 CAD

Originally a character on the popular LINE messaging app, Brown is a timid and mild-mannered personality but can be excited and passionate when coming to life. As he likes to keep his lips tight and is of very few words and rather expressionless, one can only guess what he is thinking about upon observing his actions.

In collaboration with LINE FRIENDS, Mr Maria has transformed Brown into an adorable lamp that produces a mildly white glow of light into the surroundings when switched on. The Browm lamp can be placed on the floor or table inside the children's room and nursery. It is stable on its wide base and completely safe for use. The integrated dimmer enables you to adjust the brightness so you can use it even as a night lamp. This LED lamp never gets hot so children can cuddle and touch it freely.

Dimensions: BROWN 
L 21 x W 21 x H 31 cm
L 8.2" x W 8.2" x H 12.2"

Dimensions: BROWN XL
L 35 x W 35 x H 52 cm
L 13.7" x W 13.7" x H 20.4"