Carmen Wall Lamp by ZANEEN design

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Carmen is an indirect light consisting of two or three rotating aluminum arms. Each arm rotates 350°. The span of the fixture when the three arms are aligned is 87”. The fixture is constructed of laser-cut folded metal, welded with silver thread, and then painted in white or black polyacrylic paint. A transparent screen diffuses the light and protects the light source, which provides up to 5111 lumens. A matching twp arm fixed sconce is available to coordinate. Carmen is ideal for large rooms difficult to illuminate. Designed by architect Carmen Ferrara.

Design by Panzeri

L: 260 mm x W: 140 mm x H: 610 mm

Colour Options:

Lamp Type: LED
Dimming: Non-Dimming / Phase Dimming (120vac Only)
Integrated Driver Included: Constant Voltage - 120 / 277Vac
Colour Temperature: 3000K