Casablanca Table by TON

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About Casablanca Table 681 (Narrow)
This narrow conference table of Casablanca seating system provides a possibility of practical and stylish storage. Table top made of tempered glass ensures resistance to bumps and temperature changes.

About Casablanca Table 683 (Wide)
This wide conference table with a square layout is another variable component of the Casablanca seating system. It can stand free or in close proximity to an armchair or bench.

Tom Kelley

TON Product Numbers
4B1 681 (Narrow conference table w/ plywood top)
4X0 681 (Narrow conference table w/ glass top)
4B1 683 (Wide conference table w/ plywood top)
4X0 683 (Wide conference table w/ glass top)

Technical Information Narrow Wide
Table top thickness
w/ plywood top 18mm 18mm
w/ glass top 6mm 6mm
Total height 67cm 67cm
Height up to the apron 63.8cm 63.8cm
Distance b/w legs shorter 33.6cm 63.6cm
Distance b/w legs longer 63.6cm 63.6cm
Weight of product
w/ plywood top 9.1kg 14kg
w/ glass top 9.4kg 14.4kg

Visit the TON website here (narrow table) or here (wide table) for a visualization of your color and table top selections. When you have decided on your configuration, return to The Modern Shop website and enter your color selection in the "Add a note to your order" field during checkout. Allow 8-12 weeks lead time for delivery.

Color Options
Beech or Oak Standard:
Natural (B 39) Granite (B 115)
Coffee (B 4) Honey (B 116) (Beech only)
Dark Wenge (B 105)  Black Grain (B 123)
Dark Chocolate (B 112) White Powder (B 276)     
Nougat (B 114)
Beech Antique:
Antique Classic (B 130/A)
Beech or Oak Pigment:
White (B 20) Aqua Green (B 45)
Sandy Beige (B 31) Turquoise Green (B 46)
Ginger Yellow (B 32) Pine Green (B 47)
Ocean Blue (B 37) Baby Blue (B 48)
Grey Shadow (B 38) Cloud Grey (B 49)
Nude Pink (B 40) Moon Grey (B 50)
Salmon Pink (B 41) Blue Berries (B 52)
Coral Orange (B 42) Opal Blue (B 53)
Ruby Red (B 43) Mountain Fjord (B 54)
Creamy Yellow (B 44)
American Walnut:
American Walnut