Case Study Bowl w/ Metal Stand (3 Sizes) by Modernica (Made in USA)

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Modernica’s Case Study Bowl with Metal Stand is clean and elegant in form. The stoneware planter comes in 2 matte colours: charcoal and white. The stand is crafted from Black Powder-Coated Steel.

Modernica’s Case Study Planter Program connects architectural form with functional vessels. The ceramic stoneware is offered in multiple shapes, sizes, and glazes, allowing one to mix-and-match; your choices will determine the style and personality of your planter. All shapes and stands can be used outside and inside, letting one carry the aesthetic from exterior to the interior and vice-versa.

Overall Dimensions Pot on Stand: 8” H X 11” W 

Bowl Dimensions:

Top diameter: 11 ¼”
Bottom diameter: 6”
Bowl height: 6” 

Stand: 5 ½”H X 11” W 

Floor to Bottom of Stand: 1 ¼” H


Overall Dimensions Pot on Stand: 
12 1/2”H X 16”W 

Pot: 7 3/4” H X 16”W 

Stand: 9”H X 14”W 
Floor to Bottom of Pot on Stand: 3 3/4” H


Overall Dimensions Pot on Stand: 
14 1/2”H X 22”W 

Pot: 9” H X 22” W 

Stand: 10”H X 19”W 
Floor to Bottom of Pot on Stand: 4 1/2” H