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Sero LED Table Lamp by Cerno (Made in USA)

Sero LED Table Lamp by Cerno (Made in USA)

$372.00 CAD

Design by Nick Sheridan

Sero is an exercise in restraint and simplicity. After stripping away all surplus you are left with a flower like head poised over your work surface. Slender and clean — no more obtrusive than absolutely necessary. Sero features Cerno's unique appearance and highly functional heat sink. The unique form was designed to optimize surface area, which facilitates natural convection. The more ambient air that circulates around the pins increases the performance of the heat sink while preserving the high quality of light and the longevity of the LED.

Dimensions - 4.5 x 3.5" x 16.5" H

Material - Aluminum

  • Fully dimmable with no flicker
  • Power usage - 6.3W
  • Input voltage- 12V DC (adapter included)