Chair 18 by TON

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This chair was introduced in 1876. A backrest is filled with manually bent rod that copies the outlines of the backrest.


TON Product Number
311 018
313 018 (w/ upholstery)
315 018 (w/ caning)

Technical Information
Total width: 41cm
Total depth: 51.5cm
Total height:84cm
Seat height: 46cm
Width of seat: ø40.5cm
Depth of seat: ø40.5cm
Weight of product: 3.3-3.6kg

Colour and Upholstery Notes
Upholstery Samples are available here:

Visit the TON website here (311 018) or here (313/5 018) for a visualization of your color and surface material selections. When you have decided on your configuration, return to The Modern Shop website and enter your color and surface material selections in the "Add a note to your order" field during checkout. Allow 8-12 weeks lead time for delivery.

About Artificial Netting (Optional)
To increase the strength and durability of natural cane weave, we recommend application of additional plastic weave (netting). The netting is stable, holds its shape and prevents excessive stretching of the cane weave on the seat, which may eventually lead to rupture. The additional weave can only be used on the seat. We offer the netting for a surcharge (+$53 CAD). Please indicate your request for artificial netting in the "Add a note to your order" field during checkout.

About Decorative Nails (Optional)
Upholstery of selected models can be complemented by decorative nails, especially if upholstered with artificial or natural leather. Antique bronze is our standard nail. Surcharge for decorative nails is +$61 CAD. Note that small fragments of plastic material that was used to position the nails may appear around the decorative nails. Please indicate your request for decorative nails in the "Add a note to your order" field during checkout.

About Self-Extinguishing Foam (Optional)
If the product should meet safety standards for public spaces, we also offer upholstery with self- extinguishing PUR foam. These PUR foams meet the requirements of the BS 5852, Crib 5 British standard. We offer the self-extinguishing foam for a surcharge (+$11 CAD). Please indicate your request for self-extinguishing foam in the "Add a note to your order" field during checkout.

About Socks (Optional)
It is possible to apply special finishing to the ends of legs of selected products from our range, which resembles “socks”. We offer colour combinations with socks only in the versions: Pigment finish socks on natural finish chair, natural finish sock on pigment finish chair, stain finish sock on pigment finish chair, and pigment finish sock on stain finish chair. Please note that pigment coloured socks cannot be applied to chairs with pigment colour finishes. The height of the socks is 10 cm (excluding the glide). However, please note that the height of the socks is influenced by the design of the product (e.g. upholstery, leg connection). According to the design, the height of the socks may be increased by up to 5 cm for technological reasons. We offer "socks" for a surcharge (+$32 CAD). Please indicate your request for socks in your choice of finish in the "Add a note to your order" field during checkout.

Color Options
Beech Standard:
Natural (B 39) Granite (B 115)
Coffee (B 4) Honey (B 116)
Dark Wenge (B 105)  Black Grain (B 123)
Dark Chocolate (B 112) White Powder (B 276)     
Nougat (B 114)
Beech Antique:
Antique Classic (B 130/A)
Beech Pigment:
White (B 20) Aqua Green (B 45)
Sandy Beige (B 31) Turquoise Green (B 46)
Ginger Yellow (B 32) Pine Green (B 47)
Ocean Blue (B 37) Baby Blue (B 48)
Grey Shadow (B 38) Cloud Grey (B 49)
Nude Pink (B 40) Moon Grey (B 50)
Salmon Pink (B 41) Blue Berries (B 52)
Coral Orange (B 42) Opal Blue (B 53)
Ruby Red (B 43) Mountain Fjord (B 54)
Creamy Yellow (B 44)
Surface Material Options
Upholstery - Category A:
Fargo 701, 710, 801, 923, 927, 990
Harby 801, 810, 990
Jim 598, 604, 718, 767, 803,826, 828, 898
Lerma 701, 801, 818, 847, 882, 909
Luciana 750, 801, 838, 881
Manresa 108, 905, 907
Robo 562, 566, 703, 708, 820, 857, 885
Grain Arcilla 75
Grain Blanco 00
Grain Canella 11
Grain Crema 02
Grain Gris 01
Grain Marino 69
Grain Marron 23
Grain Nego 90
Grain Rojo 29
Grain Teja 15
Grain Tierra 07
Upholstery - Category B:
Jet Bioactive 8033, 9109, 9110, 9301, 9401, 9304, 9403, 9610, 9702, 9804
Torino 9401, 9601, 9616, 9701, 9707, 9818
Upholstery - Category C:
Garda 9301, 9307, 9406, 9616, 9808
Lowlands 513, 516, 521, 524, 529, 531, 541, 542, 562, 571, 572, 581, 585, 581
Upholstery - Category D:
Dante Black   Topia Bronce
Dante Chrom Topia Curry
Dante Ianoso Topia Heart
Dante Snow Topia Messing
Sand 01/90 Topia Orion
Sand 02/00 Topia Platin
Sand 06/78 Topia Schiefer
Sand 07/88 Walker 01
Sand10/80 Walker 10
Sera Anthrazit Walker 40
Sera Calla Walker 68
Sera Pepper Walker 80
Sera Walnut Walker 88
Upholstery - Category E:
Included in this price group is Alcantara fabric, which can be ordered in all colours listed in the manufacturer's sample book. We do not keep this material in stock. We order the required quantity for specific orders and therefore the lead time can be longer depending on the manufacturer's delivery terms.
Upholstery - Category 1:
MDR 0000, 31174, 70386, 71295
Prince 171, 179, 180, 188
Upholstery - Category 2:
Elmo Leather 43024, 43807, 93957, 99001