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Chapo Table Lamp by Flos

Chapo Table Lamp by Flos

$655.00 CAD

When Alec Guinness, James Stewart and Fred Astaire got home in the evening, with a sharp and elegant gesture they would throw their hat onto anything within reach. So why not a lamp?

Throwing one’s hat onto a stand is a seductive and slightly swankering masculine gesture from bygone times. It has an irreverent and retro charm reminiscent of a cinematographic image that is an inescapable part of our visual baggage. All this underlies the Chapo table lamp, a playful gesture that becomes a three-dimensional and theatrical object, a lamp whose style, character and shape can change depending on the hat that is placed on top of it.

Designer: Philippe Starck

Light source:
N° 1 COB LED 2700K 310lm total CRI93 - 8W

aluminum, PMMA
Weight 2,09 lbs.

Dimensions: 4.3' x 4.3' x h 15.7'