Charlotte Amalie Glass Collection by Holmegaard

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Charlotte Amalie by Per Lütken

Per Lütken was one of Holmegaard's most advanced glass blowers. He breathed life into more than 3,000 glass designs, many of which have become classics and highly sought-after collector's items. This also applies to the Charlotte Amalie range from 1981 which is named after Lütken's beloved wife. The sculptural silhouette of the range gives any table a feminine touch.

Mouth-blown glass

Style Options and Size
Beer Glass: H21.5 cm, 30 cl
Champagne Glass: H23 cm, 27 cl
Dessert Wine Glass: H13 cm, 8 cl
Red Wine Glass: H18 cm, 23 cl
Shot Glass: H13.5 cm, 4 cl
White Wine Glass: H15.5 cm, 13 cl

Additional Information
Not dishwasher-safe