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Componi200 wall light by Cini&Nils

Componi200 wall light by Cini&Nils

$785.00 CAD

For illuminating large and medium-sized spaces with white or coloured, ambient and accent lighting; can be assembled by hand, without any tools. Lighting body rotates through 360°. Halogen and metal halides (HID) source.

Design: Luta Bettonica, Mario Melocchi, Luca Melocchi

Finish options: 

  • Chrome
  • Satin nickel-plated

Materials: Aluminium, steel

Dimensions: h 14 p 19 l 14 cm

Light source options:

max 205W 230V
4.200 lm

1 x 205W eco halo

HID Metal halides
G8,5 MT
35/70W 230V
3.400/6.900 lm
HID remote ballast
cod 055

1 x 35/70W HID - remote ballast optional