Conia Table Lamp by UMAGE

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Conia draws similarities from the pine cone. It's a nice companion to the Silvia family and its soft ambient light is blind-free. It measures 45x55 cm. It comes in a sleek ultra-thin gift box, is made from indestructible polycarbonat and environmentally friendly polypropylene, and is designed to be put together at home in less than 20 minutes. Also available in a black and gold version.

Materials: Polypropylene and Polycarbonate
Dimensions: Diameter 17.7" x H 11.8"
Tripod Table Base: H: 25.9” x Ø: 15.8”
Tripod Base:(Adjustable)15.8” dia x 19” H or 15.8” dia x 16.7” H
Santé Table: 8.7" dia x 16.5" H

Base Style Options:
Tripod Table Stand
Tripod Base Adjustable Table Stand 
Santé Table Stand with USB

Base Colour Options:
Brushed Steel (Santé only)
Brushed Brass (Santé only)

Lighting: E26/E27 Socket / Max 60 W