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Copenhague Moulded Plywood Desk CPH190 by Hay Denmark

Copenhague Moulded Plywood Desk CPH190 by Hay Denmark

$1,569.00 CAD

Designers: Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec

The characteristic angular bend of the Bouroullecs’ design is also present in the CPH Moulded Plywood Desk. However, instead of having a symmetrical division in the centre, the split is positioned the back of the table, creating a raised vertical structure for supporting notes and open books, while the remainder serves as workspace. This has the dual benefit of making the desk more compact, at the same time it increases functionality. Ideal for using in a home office or in a work environment.

The starting point for this series is an old university chair, architect Bernt Pedersen’s trestle chair. This chair is a simple and beautiful chair with an uncomplicated identity. In our interpretation we have upheld the original chair typology (trestle chair) and sought to maintain the compelling simplicity of the original chair.

"We have attempted to create a range of educational furniture which in form and identity has a clear dating in our age and which in a compelling manner uncovers the current functional needs of a university. It has also been our aspiration to distance ourselves from the slightly institutional expression of the original chair and create furniture with greater originality and a more domestic expression."

The seat and back are mounted in the centre of the seat creating a highly flexible and resilient comfort – the seat follows the movement of the user. The chair also has a flexible back, which bears similarity to the cantilever chairs, which was first designed by the Bauhaus school in Germany in the 1930’s.

Due to the symmetrical frames chairs and tables both stack vertically, allowing an almost infinite stacking, where most other chairs stack forward.


L 150 x W 70 x H 74/91

Desk with back screen


24 mm moulded plywood with split table top in 2 parts

Solid oak legs

Table top edge matches base finish

Style options:
  • Clear Lacquered Oak
  • Matt Lacquered Oak
  • Stained Black Oak