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Electralyte™ Travel PowerA sleek portable battery with integrated charge cord (Made in USA)

Electralyte™ Travel PowerA sleek portable battery with integrated charge cord (Made in USA)

$26.00 CAD

• Lithium polymer battery for maximum power storage and minimal profile available in
3 capacities: E25 - 2,500mAH, E50 - 5,000mAH, E100 - 10,000mAH
• Thin, countourless profile slips in and out of almost any narrow pocket easily
• LED indicators show power level and power status
• Button free design avoids accidental on/o
• Hidden flat cable with Apple® Lightning
connector compatible with iPhone®, iPad® and
other Apple® devices
• Separate USB output port to charge other USB
compatible device (non-Lightning device)
• Micro USB input charging port
• Each model includes our favorite inspirational quotes from well known authors like Helen
Keller, Mark Twain, and Rumi
• Specifications: E25 - 5V DC 1Amp input/output, E50 - 5VDC 2000mA in/out, E100 - 5VDC
2.1Amp in/out
It’s incredibly annoying to have a dead mobile device. Worse is having power but no charging cable.
Most travel batteries require external cables, are shaped so they don’t fit into pockets, or their surface
contours (covers, edges, odd shapes) make it hard to store or remove, and once stored, exposed
on/o buttons cause them to turn on and discharge. Conway Electric Electralyte™ batteries fix travel
battery problems with user-friendly design. The case is slim and contourless to make storage and
accessibility easy. We eliminated external buttons to avoid accidental discharge, and we integrated a
flat cable with a Lightning connector while including a USB port for charging almost anything else.
The LED indicator lights let you know when a device is connected and charging, as well as the power
remaining in the Electralyte™. The Electralyte™ is perhaps the sleekest, most friendly travel power
solution ever made, which is exactly what we intended.