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Ellipse Candleholder by Georg Jensen

Ellipse Candleholder by Georg Jensen

$120.00 CAD

Designer: Rebecca Uth

Inspired by the traditional turned candleholder, Ellipse is a modern rendering of this classic motif. The candleholders contrast the softness and warmth of oak with the cool elegance of mirror-polished stainless steel. The combination is striking. Reminiscent of a Scandinavian landscape, the interaction of wood, flame and mirror-polished steel celebrates the hot and cold elements that give the Nordic countryside its distinctive charm.
Please note candles (3592421) are sold separately.

Materials: Stainless steel mirror finish and raw oak wood

Small Measurements: H: 212 mm Ø: 76 mm

Large Measurements: H: 351 mm Ø: 83 mm

Design year: 2012