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The idea with the Ergonova kitchenware is that the
working environment should be adapted to the
individual and not the other way around.
The unique shape of the Ergonova serving tools
requires a different movement than usual serving
tools. The ”power grip” with the special thumb grip
means that you work with a straight wrist and twist
your entire arm in the portioning moment. This
motion relieves your wrists, shoulders and elbows.

Annika Gudmundsson


A)Soup Ladle 5cl

B)Soup Ladle 8cl

C)Soup Ladle 12cl

D)Soup Ladle 18cl

E)Soup Ladle 24cl

F)Soup Ladle 28cl

G)Serving Ladle 15cl

H)Portion Server 85x110mm

I)Portion Server 56x110mm

J)Portion Spoon 60mm

K)Portion Spoon 90mm

L)Portion Spoon, perforated 90mm

M)Portion Spoon, pergorated 100mm