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Pochette Wall Lamp by Flos

Pochette Wall Lamp by Flos

$565.00 CAD

Design Rodolfo Dordoni, 2003

A Rodolfo Dordoni design is never quite what is expected: The Pochette, meaning “clutch,” shines with a graceful indirect light that flows upwards. The structure is pressure die-cast Zamak allow, and is available in a matte grey or bronze liquid paint or a chrome-plated finish. The molded steel, galvanized white wall attachment contains the wall attachment system as well as the electrical devices. The Pochette has a single dimmable light source in the traditional recessed series, and satin-finish Pyrex glass protection.


  • 1 x 200W T3 RSC Halogen


  • Width: 19.7cm / 7.75 Inch
  • Height: 14.5cm / 5.7 Inch
  • Depth: 9.9cm / 3.9 Inch


  • Zamak