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Foscarini Fields 1 Wall Sconce

Foscarini Fields 1 Wall Sconce

$1,516.00 CAD


Simple, essential shapes, dampened by rich and intense hues. A composition that provides a fascinating effect of warm, enveloping light and an absolute, linear construction that develops over various layers of crossing, overlapping planes. The design concept originates from a suggestive and moving panoramic, almost aerial, view that pays tribute to the designer?s homeland of Mancha, an area of Spain steeped in contrasts that extends over the fields as far as the eye can see. These fields form the focus of Jimenez?s inspiration, from which the designer gathers and summarises the essential geometry merged with the vivid and vibrant colours of the land.


  • Vicente Garcia Jimenez 2007


  • Width: 170cm
  • Height: 15cm


  • Module 1: fluorescent 1x80W