Multi Canopies, Decentralization Kit by Foscarini

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Foscarini Multi Ceiling Canopies - Only can be used with certain fixtures listed below.

Aplomb, Caboche, Couchin, Gregg, Havana, Maki, New Buds, Rituals, Tite, Tress

- Multiple Round Canopy White ENEC/UL

- Multiple Linear Canopy White 35" (90) UL

- Multiple Linear Canopy White 53" (135) UL

Kit B — Code: KIT DEC B
Decentralization kit, includes 3 support for steel cables.
For the models: Allegretto, Allegro, Behive, Big Bang, Buds,Caboche, Caiigo, Chouchin, Chouchin Reverse, Chouchin mini, Gem, Gregg grande /media, Lightweight, Le Soleil, New Buds, O-Space, Planet, Plass, Plass media, Rituals, Rituals XL, Satellight, Supernova, Tartan, Tropico, Twice as Twiggy, Tress grande / media / piccola.

Kit C — Code: KIT DEC C
Decentralization for power cable.
For the models: Aplomb, Aplomb large, Aplomb mini, Birdie, Giga-Lite, Gregg piccola, Havana, Maki, Tite, Tress mini,Tress stilo, Twiggy

Kit M — Code: KIT DEC M
Canopy electrical decentralization up to 4 lamps. The kit M contains only the canopy, to compositions as picture order the necessary quantity of Kit B or Kit C. For the models: Aplomb, Aplomb mini, Arumi, Behive, Big Bang ▲, Birdie, Buds ▲, Caboche ▲, Chouchin / reverse ▲, Chouchin mini, Gem, Giga-Lite, Gregg ▲, Havana, Le Soleil, Maki, O-Space, Planet, Plass ▲, Plass media, Rituals, Rituals XL ▲, Satellight, Supernova, Tartan ▲, Tite, Tress ▲, Tress Stilo, Troag, Tropico, Twiggy.
▲ LED version excluded