Herb & Sprout by Zone Denmark

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The herb pots come in two sizes and feature a beautifully integrated saucer. A number of wicks in the herb pot suck up water and ensure the right moisture balance in the earth. The groove on the side of the herb pot lets you keep an eye on the water level in the saucer.

The accompanying watering can makes it easy to replenish the water. The can is designed to match the herb pots and its beautiful brass finish makes it a visual design element on its own.

Herb & Sprout also contains a pair of herb scissors that can hang on the edge of the herb pot so its is always at hand when you need to harvest herbs or spices.


    • Herb Pot: Green
    • Scissors: Black
    • Watering Can: Black

    • Herb Pot: Stoneware
    • Scissors: Metal
    • Watering Can: 18/8 Steel

  • Herb Pot:
    • H 11.6 cm, D 10 cm
    • H 13.6 cm, D 11.5 cm
  • Scissors: 
    • L 11.3 cm, W 5.7 cm, H 1.5 cm
  • Watering Can: 
    • L 20 cm, W 8 cm, H 22 cm, 0.75 l