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Hinken Flowerpots by Woud

Hinken Flowerpots by Woud

$40.00 CAD

Designed by Silje Nesdal & Ann Kristin Einarsen

”When designing Hinken, our starting point were cast-offs of everyday objects like buckets and bowls. These where disassembled, remixed and placed together in new compositions. We focused on a playful process, and this reflects in the shapes of the porcelain pots.” – Silje Nesdal & Ann Kristin Einarsen.

About the designers: The collaboration between furniture designer Silje Nesdal and ceramic artist Ann Kristin Einarsen, is based on a methodic curiosity and an approach where art and design meet. Research in form, format and materials combined with a playfull approach to process, is perceivable in their design and end products.