Hoist Flushmount by Rich Brilliant Willing (Small Diffuser)

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Waterproof, minimalist, and available in a colourful variety of finishes, Hoist goes just about anywhere: indoors or outdoors, as a wall-mount or a pendant. With a range of sizes for its circular shade, make a statement large or small.

Shade Sizes
Small Shade: 8" dia x 4" depth
Medium Shade: 14" dia x 4" depth
Large Shade: 21" dia x 4" depth.
Please note the Large Glass has a 6" depth.

Shade Finish
Blue Gloss
Cream White
Matte Black

Colour Temperature
2700k (warm white)
3000k (soft white)
3500k (neutral white)

Input / Control / Power
110-120 V TRIAC / ELV / 0-10V, 1% dimming
110-120V Input TRIAC Control 10% dimming
220-240VInput 0-10V, 1% dimming
220-240V Input ELV Reverse Phase, 1% dimming
220-240V Input TRIAC/ Forward Phase, 1% dimming
110-277V Input 0-10V, 0.1% dimming
110-277V Input DALI 0.1% dimming