Indra Cutlery by Gense

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Indra is streamlined and aesthetically very pleasing. A great deal of consideration is placed behind this design. The cutlery is larger than most other lines and therefore it is stable and secure to hold.

Ingegerd Råman

18/8 Stainless steel/Mirror finish


Table Spoon: 8.2"/210mm

Table Fork: 8.2"/210mm

Table Knife: 9.3"/235mm

Dessert Spoon: 7.3"/186mm

Dessert Fork: 6.9"/176mm

Dessert Knife: 7.8"/201mm

Tea Spoon: 5.7"/145mm


Box 16pcs - Table Spoon, Table Fork, Table Knife and Coffee Spoon*(not available for individual sale)

Salad and Serving Set 2pcs

Dessert Spoons 4pcs

Dessert Cutlery 2+2