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Ingo Maurer - Walking Bulb - Table Lamp

Ingo Maurer - Walking Bulb - Table Lamp

$1,005.00 CAD

Walking Bulb
Designed by: MICHEL SEMPELS 2015
Walking Bulb combines the unique, magical beauty of the incandescent bulb with cutting-edge LED technology. It is slender and light, made of a stainless steel wire. Walking Bulb seems to stride forward, carrying the light bulb into the future. Prototype. Stainless steel, brass, aluminium, plastic. The LED spot swivels through 360° on an horizontal axis.
Light Source
Led spot 24°, 4 W, 350 lm, 2700 K, CRI > 90
Technical Data
Für 230 or 125 V, secondary 5 V USB
Height 62 cm, width 25 cm, depth 7,5 cm