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JAX Smart Chip USB Charger + Touch Lamp by Conway Electric (Made in USA)

JAX Smart Chip USB Charger + Touch Lamp by Conway Electric (Made in USA)

$349.00 CAD

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• A modern touch-controlled lamp designed for use on bedside tables, oces, or task areas
• Powder coated white or black finish with brass or copper detail
• 90-deg vertical, 180deg horizontal brass shade pivot
• Leather and brass touch light control: on-low-med-high-o
• Dual outlet with dual Smart Chip USB ports for
all-device charging
• Brass screws & hand-machined brass details
• Urethane feet keep the lamp in place and protect
surfaces from scratches
• 8ft long, 14 AWG cord rated to 15AMPs
• Each unit is uniquely serialized and hand assembled in our factory
• Pending CSA Listing; Patents Pending
The JAX Smart Chip USB Touch Lamp is designed to be the most versatile, convenient, table-
top task lamp ever made. The solid curved neck is positioned like a handle, allowing the user
to grab and place the lamp wherever it is needed. The dual-axis rotational lamp shade allows
the direction of light to be precisely oriented with a standard bulb up to 120W. The dual-outlet
dual-Smart Chip USB ports handle up to 4 devices at once, perfect for any hotel room or oce.
The leather and brass touch panel enables on-low-med-high-o light control, free of clunky
switches. Never before has there been a lamp this level of industrial quality with a pristine finish.