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Karui Trays Designed by GamFratesi for Skultuna

Karui Trays Designed by GamFratesi for Skultuna

$162.00 CAD

Design by GamFratesi

The Karui trays are designed by GamFratesi for Skultuna. The trays are made using metal spinning, a classic Skultuna production technique. The leather comes from the leading Swedish tannery Tärnsjö, famous for their high quality leather and located close to Skultuna in Sweden.

Stine Gam on the design philosophy for the trays: The trays are called Karui / 軽い which in Japanese means soft (in relation to the leather part) but also light (the trays have a light aesthetic). Japanese gives other meanings as well, such “easy/easily” “quick perhaps” which is the informal feeling we want with the trays, place and take our personal things on the tray becoming a functional and personal easy everyday gesture. Designed 2015.

Small/ Ø:14cm
Medium/ Ø:24cm
Large/ Ø:34cm

Polished copper or brass and Tärnsjö leather

Dark Green