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Luceplan SXG Suspension Lamp

Luceplan SXG Suspension Lamp

$631.00 CAD


A simple gesture to interact with light: as you raise the reflector you shutter the light to a downwards direction; if you lower the reflector, the light is homogeneously directed upwards. Two completely different lighting scenarios that can be obtained with a single appliance.Made in natural anodized or painted aluminium there are green or orange filters available as accessory to have indirect light as colour towards the ceiling


Tedesco, Raffaele/ Rossi, Diego, 2005


  • Anodised or painted aluminium reflector


  • Height 30cm
  • Diameter 35cm
  • D59 Height Max. 225cm
  • D59F Height Max. 175cm


  • D59: 150W HSGST E27
  • D59: 150W IAA/W E27
  • D59F: 26,32,42W FSM GX24 q-3/4