Luceplan Mix Wall Lamp LED

by Luceplan
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A sophisticated reading lamp with a lightweight frame that uses the new LED Chip on Board technology. A series of multicolor diodes produce an intense, warm and pleasing lighting with very low consumption (only 5W) and an average duration of some 50,000 hours (against 2,000 hours of a normal halogen bulb).When it is switched off, its profile is illuminated with a blue light so that the lamp can be found even in the dark.


Rizzatto, Paolo/ Meda, Alberto, 2005


  • Flexible aluminium stem Anodised aluminium and injection-moulded methacrylate head bent and enamelled sheet metal base and wall support


  • Length: 70cm
  • Height: 39cm
  • Base: 11 x 18cm


  • Led Chip on board 5W, adapter 12V