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Luceplan Orchestra D27/30v Ceiling/Wall Lamp

Luceplan Orchestra D27/30v Ceiling/Wall Lamp

$484.00 CAD


Orchestra is a complex ensemble of tools useful to architects in interpreting new lighting ideas. Modular flush-mounted elements are available, also with variations of light, geometry and colours, as an organic and harmonious series tuned to meet the needs of the architectural composition.The reflectors are of two types: ?full screen? for directing the light mainly in one direction only, upwards or downwards; ?double screen? to direct it in the two opposite directions and to allow the use of mixed lights, e.g. halogen and fluorescent. Orchestra has extremely small built-in depths: just 8.6 cm. It can be used both in hollow walls (plaster, plasterboard, wood) and in solid ones (hollow brick, solid brick, RC). The simplicity of assembly and maintenance, the safety of the product and precision solutions to each detail, both technical and formal, make Orchestra a programme of thoroughly reliable built-in lights of high formal quality.


Rizzatto, Paolo/ Meda, Alberto, 1995


  • Aluminium-coated metal built-in box with separate removable pocket (fitted behind) Smoothed and oxidized aluminium sheet reflector semi-expanded self-extinguishing NORYL frames Opaline screen Protection glass


  • Size: 30 x 15


  • D27/30v: 13W CFQ