Lumen Center Segno Maxi Quadro, Segno Maxi Retto, Segno Maxi Double Wall Spot Lights

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High luminous intensity wall spot lights. Available in the following finishes: FT white, FT black, FT oxyde, pearl grey. LED light source 20W, 3000K, 1800lm CRI>90. The MAXI DOUBLE version has double light source located both in the upper and lower part of the lamp body.
Light Source
20W 220/240V
Segno Maxi Quadro 
1800lm 3000K CRI>90
Segno Maxi Retto 
1800lm 3000K CRI>90
Segno Maxi Double 
Sopra: 20W 1800lm 3000K CRI>90
Sotto: 5W 470lm 3000K CRI>90