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Hanging Vessel Planter by Menu

Hanging Vessel Planter by Menu

$97.00 CAD

The Hanging Vessel can be used as a planter or as container. The design allows for the vessel to hang flat against a wall, freeing up floor or desk space. As the vessel has no drain hole, it is recommended to put in plants which will not require much water maintenance – which is why dried flowers, succulents or air-plants can be recommended. The concrete surface will absorb surplus moisture within the vessel – water which will slowly evaporate over time.

When 2 vessels are used back-to-back, this will create a mobile. It is easy to hang against the wall. It can be used for plants, for storage in home office or hallway; or it can hang freely. The Hanging Vessel is a multi-purpose decorative design piece, which looks great hanging on the wall.




  • Ceramic, Polyester Thread


  • Length: 16cm / 6.3 Inch
  • Width: 8cm / 3.15 Inch
  • Height: 13cm / 5.12 Inch