Plinth Marble Table Series by Menu

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Over centuries, the plinth has been a much mused-over object. With this project Danish studio Norm Architects set out to rethink the uses of the plinth and to reveal the natural beauty of marble. The result is a series of podiums with multiple uses in the home, office or showroom. Plinth is available three sizes. The low rectangular version is ideal as a monumental coffeetable. The cube makes a perfect bedside table or side table. Use the third Plinth in the traditionalmanner – as a podium on which to display a bust, sculpture, art books, plants or a lamp.

Norm Architects (DK)

Cubic - 15.4"H, 15.7"W, 15.7"L / Low: 10.6"H, 23.6"W, 40.9"L / Tall 20.1"H, 11.8"W, 11.8"L

White Carrara, Black Marquina Marble