Mine Cup and Saucer by Design House Stockholm

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Sometimes only a small twist is needed for the most usual of items to become something strange. A word, a note, a detail. There is hardly anything that is as common as a teacup, yet Anna Kraitz's Mine is one of those remarkable objects that create something as unexpected as it is beautiful. It communicates a sort of agreement: It's exciting, isn't it? 
 “I am inspired by everyday life with its products and events. In designing Mine I wanted to twist things round a bit.” 
 The handle of the cup does not end where handles usually end. Anna found her inspiration in the art of Louise Bourgeois and the surrealists Toyen and Meret Oppenheim who often raised everyday items from their usual places and discovered new realities. Mine is both a presentation cup and a sculpture. Function is important.” 
 “A hot cup of tea expresses caring for oneself or someone else. The cup seeks to express this in its design.” 
 Mine is made from bone china which embraces the liquid, keeping it warm. The saucer is deep. The handle, which is fitted to the cup with the utmost skill, is available in white, hand painted gold or platinum. 

Bone china. Handle in white bone china, or painted in gold or platinum. Capacity 28 cl (10 fl.oz.).

Gold & Platinum: Handwash only, do not microwave.

Packed in white gift box.